Non Toxic Ant Killer

August 12, 2006 at 2:41 am Leave a comment

Every summer, my house is invaded by ants. They come in hoardes and attack EVERYTHING. They bite me at night while I am sleeping. This is war.

It sort of seems anti-everything-I-believe-in to spray my house with chemicals to get rid of them. I have tried ant baits but they seemed more interested in everything else in the house. Also, the ant baits themselves were pretty toxic. I worried about the after effects of throwing them in the landfill, and dreaded the thought of a dog or baby accidentally eating them.

After an exhausting internet search I found this stuff called Terro. It is nothing more complicated than corn syrup and borax. The ants can’t handle the borax and die. But if humans or pets eat it there won’t be any harmful side effects.

While I avoid laundry detergents with borax because of the enviromental impact, the miniscule concentration in these makes me feel comfortable with tossing the empties in the landfill.

They are not made of biodegradable plastic or packaged in an earth-friendly box with environmentally sensitive inks. But the little bait traps are recyclable, so that’s a start. It would be nice if Terro spread through the green market enough that we could influence green packaging intiatives within the company.

Ants think Terro is the best stuff in the world. They will bypass your lasagna sitting uncovered on the kitchen counter just to get to it. They march in thick streaming columns. They swarm. It is pure ant gluttony.

It kind of eases my guilt to see them so happy before they die. Within a day or two they are all gone. In the meantime they are too busy at thier corn syrup party to bother you.

In summary: Terro is cheap, convenient, sold in most major box stores, non-toxic, and it WORKS.


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